Ah yes, another blogger who has been abroad for two seconds and suddenly thinks she has the whole idea of living abroad all figured out. What is this one going to tell us that we don’t know? That life away from home is great? that we should abstain from putting that tweng when we talk? or the ‘wanna’s’ and the gonna’s’?

I can almost feel your cynicism hahaha.

Prior to boarding the airplane all the way to a foreign yet culturally powerful country, I would describe myself as a simple girl trying to make it big in the world. There is no way of defining ‘having made it big in the world’. Making it, big or small, is relative. I had not grown up in a world where race labels took center stage or where society indirectly dictates that you stay in your lane. None of that.

Then eager me with a mind so desperate to taste other cultures left home.

Then culture shock happened (as it still does) to this African immigrant, as I am sure it has happened to a lot of immigrants.

This space is an extension of myself, an avenue of finding identity away from home. You won’t find perfection here. Pure truthfulness. I equally don’t claim to know everything. Hey, we are all learning aren’t we?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wanjiku Gicheru.