Raise your hand if you have watched How I met your Mother at least 10 times. Not me. I have watched that show at least 40 times. Scratch that. Let’s say a lot of times. That was my go to series back in college. I can confidently say that it earned my friends and I nicknames amongst other classmates that were not too fond of the show. Anyways. Minnesota! Marshall’s place of birth! (Hence the How I met your Mother Introduction, relevant or irrelevant. Relative of course) For the longest time, I have wanted to visit the state and actually verify all the information that the above show states of the said place. I didn’t stay for long but it was long enough to conclude a number of things:

  1. Minneapolis (and its environs) is humid, seriously. This, from a person who has been to (and occasionally lives in) the breezy evergreen state of Washington.
  2. Downtown Minneapolis has an old architectury feel. By this I mean the place felt a bit abandoned and the buildings, most of them, while stunning, have that old something century feeling. Maybe it was the weather? As you will notice in some of the pictures below. I adjusted the settings of my camera to suit the ‘feel’ that I got from the buildings. Some, more modern, I leant on a light blue color and the rest, I aimed for the early 1980’s television color.
  3. People are extra friendly, (Thanks, How I met Your Mother).
  4. It is picturesque!

I actually got to attend and partially shoot a wedding. Brought me back to my days as a wedding photographer back in Kenya. All of these were shot using the fujifilm xt2 and 98% (surprisingly) with the 18-55mm lens. I also used the Fujinon XF35mmF1.4R. It’s pretty light. Thought it would come in handy as far as focus was concerned. Funny I barely got to use it. Once you master the camera controls, particularly those on the ISO, aperture and manipulate (and/or limit) your use of the flash, plus CONFIDENCE (of course), you are pleasantly surprised!

Apparently the 2018 Superbowl is in Minneapolis so…..it is never to early to start praying for the Seattle Seahawks (Russel Wilson!). That and for a miracle that I actually get to actually go watch the Superbowl live. Who knows?

Enjoy the pictures!

Meet Rose, she’s beautiful right?
I attended a wedding in my short trip!

Is there ever a trip complete without a selfie?

And making new friends!

Downtown Minneapolis.

I adjusted my settings (and light) to match the vibe that I got whilst in Downtown MN.

The advanced F settings in the Fujifilm XT2 are astounding. Notice the strike between the black, white (reflection) and green.
Similar advanced setting. I avoided using the flash and adjusted (played around with) my ISO settings. (ISO 250-400 is good, outside on a sunny day)
Minneapolis and its environs have breathtaking scenery.

Yours truly,

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